Posted: 6 months ago

Ruispiri Biodynamic Agriculture to Start Producing Disinfectants

Giorgi Aladashvili, holder of agriculture declared, that they already started producing face masks and disinfectant liquid.

According to his estimation, the tourism season won't be active anytime soon. Thus, he decided to adapt agriculture to the present needs. He won't need to release employees. In the future, he might lay the foundation of a new product producing. 

"Just as the need appeared, we realized that our country is standing in front of crisis and we decided to produce disinfectant liquid and face masks in Ruispiri biodynamic agriculture. They will be on the market in the near future. To keep our employees, we adapted our agriculture to the present needs."

At first, products will be available for local inhabitants, we will sell 100 ml disinfectant liquid for 2 Lari, and 250 ml for 3 Lari. At this moment, we are not oriented on the profit.", noted Giorgi Aladashvili.

For starting this business, he had consultation meetings with representatives of the medical sphere. He started producing a small amount. He says, that it would be good if the state became interested in such initiatives and promote the producing of local businesses.