Posted: 4 years ago

Glovo and Visa Unite to Support Catharsis Beneficiaries

Glovo continues to serve its consumers due to the pandemic.
Their many priorities lie on the health and safety of their partner courier, agents and consumers.
According to the database by WHO, aged people are in the most vulnerable group. Glovo and Visa united to support them.
In the case of ordering Glovo and paying with Visa card, Visa will double one's service price. With this money, Glovo and Visa will ensure food delivery service in catharsis and boarding houses beneficiaries.

Also, they will supply them with essentials and disinfectants, which was brought out by Navne.

"As a socially responsible company, we think, that we must make the contribution in society and helping the people, who are in the risk zone. We appraise the contribution of our partner Glovo and owners of Visa cards in this initiative.", declared regional manager of Visa in Caucasus region, Cristina Doros.  

"We are glad that Visa supported us in such an important project. We will try to simplify the life of elders in these harsh days.", declared general director of Glovo, Giga Kerkadze.