QR Codes and Single-use Menu – Innovation for Georgian Restaurants

All restaurants and cafes are obliged to serve clients through QR Codes or single-use menu.

Revenues of the 65% of Surveyed Companies Dropped by More than Half: PWC Research

Decrease in demand meaningfully affected the revenues of the surveyed companies that have already dropped by more than half for 65% of respondents.

Business for SDGs – Call for applications for Corporate Responsibility Award has begun

The modern world has already agreed that success and principles, benefits and values, commercial goals and responsibilities do not contradict each other.

SakCable Becomes Member of Business Association of Georgia

Sakcable became a member of the Georgian Business Association (BAG).

Georgian Handmade Wooden Glasses in Italy and USA - Nikolo Brega to Open Showrooms

Georgian brand of handmade wooden glasses- Nikolo Brega is set to open showrooms in the US and Italy after the end of the Coronavirus pandemic. 

You will no Longer Find a Buffet in Hotels - New Regulations Set for Guests

You will no longer find a buffer in hotels - due to the COVID 19 pandemic, new regulations will be introduced for hotel guests.

Socks of Tiflistex to be Sold in Germany

After Azerbaijan and Greece, Tiflistex is acquiring another export destination.

Georgian Face Masks May Export to the United States and Ukraine

There is a demand for Georgian-made face masks in the United States and European countries, as the Minister of Economy and Sustainable Development, Natia Turnava declared.

Tbilisi City Hall to Discuss Allocation of Open Spaces for Night Clubs

Tbilisi City Hall will discuss the allocation of open spaces for nightclubs.