Posted: 4 years ago

First Georgian Digital Menu Already Available in TOP 50 Georgian Restaurants

COVID-19 has significantly increased the demand for the first Georgian digital menu, WENU. The app, along with many other functions, has two main features, with which the user can remotely book a table in a restaurant with the help of his mobile phone, indicating the specific day, time, and a number of the guests. And the second feature is that the customer has an opportunity to order online without any communication with the waitress.

Giorgi Noniashvili, the founder of Wenu, told Commersant, that this is the only application on the Georgian market, which can carry out the ordering operation without the involvement of the waiter.

"We released the trial version of the application for the first time in 2018; we tested the application in Fabrika. On each table, there is a QR code under the brand of Wenu, which the user scans through the application, and the whole menu will be displayed with the visual materials. Apart from this, the application has a function of a calculator. It counts how much the user should pay in total. We are digitizing the restaurant menu."

"The regulations due to coronavirus outbreak are aimed at reducing the use of multiple paper menus as a high-risk product for the spread of the virus. Also, WHO considers physical distance as protection against coronavirus, and as a result, various businesses, including hospitality, face several challenges. Within the background of social and economic problems caused by COVID-19, we offer restaurants, cafes, hotels, and bars in the Georgian market the opportunity to use the electronic menu for free during the summer."

According to the co-founder of the company, nearly 50 facilities are already using the digital menu, including the facilities of Adjara Group, M Group, Kala Group, Coffee Lab, etc.

It is also worth mentioning that in 2020 Wenu was selected to participate in the Silicon Valley Acceleration Project as part of the USAID Economic Security Program.