Events Hosts Tech Jam 2019

Tech Jam 2019 holds in Tbilisi on November 15-17. The event takes place in different countries annually. In Georgia, it is hosted by

HP CUP to Hold in Georgia - Annual Hackathon in Silicon Valley Tbilisi

BTU obtained the right to hold annual HP Cup hackathon.

Indigo 41st Edition Presentation in Writer's House of Georgia

The main theme of the 41st edition will be South Osetia, 1989-1992 years.

Georgian National Museum to Hold an Exhibition of Surrealist Artist – Fridon Nizharadze

The artist, Fridon Nizharadze lives in the region of Svaneti, Ushguli. Mostly, only guests of Ushguli manage to survey his work.

Crosscurrents - Exhibition in Window Project

The idea of exhibition is the result of examining Tbilisi's cultural life.

Jonathan Hallam unseen archive of Martin Margiela in Tbilisi

Jonathan Hallam's work is formed by the relationship he develops with his subjects which empowers the flow and direction of the work.

Cinema Exhibition on November 4 at Amirani Cinema

Amirani Cinema and British Embassy in Tbilisi present, as a part of the Event Cinema project, Exhibition on Screen: The Impressionists.

French Play Bells & Spells to be Presented Tomorrow within GIFT Festival

The GIFT Festival is an annual celebration bringing the best of the visiting arts in Tbilisi, as well as leading our country’s unique cultural profile internationally.

Black Friday Market at Ghvinis Karkhana

On November 29th at Ghvinis Karkhana • ღვინის ქარხანა more than 20 designers and stores are going to offer guests their best sellers with an up to 50% discount.