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Posted: 1 week ago

Tenth Forum of Social Entrepreneurship Organized by Alliance of Social Enterprises was Held

The Social Entrepreneurship Forum has been held since 2012 and its goal is to popularize the concept of social entrepreneurship and to form an ecosystem that contributes to its development in Georgia.

The forum provides an opportunity to establish and strengthen business ties between social entrepreneurs and representatives of various sectors. The event is attended by social enterprises, public organizations, public and private institutions that support the development of social entrepreneurship.

"It was very important for me and the EU delegation in general to attend the 10th Social Entrepreneurship Forum here in Georgia for many reasons. The forum is celebrating its 10th anniversary, and in addition to being a cause in itself, it also testifies to the fact that social entrepreneurship is not just a trend or fashion, but an increasingly powerful force. The EU takes social entrepreneurship very seriously and we are ready to support and continue to support the sector in the future," said Daniel Rachkowski, EU Delegation to Georgia.

The culmination of this day was the revelation of the social enterprise of the year. By the decision of a 7-member jury, the finalist social enterprises became Potter, Friend and Dadari.

By secret ballot, the winner of the Social Enterprise of the Year nomination became the social enterprise "Dadari". "Dadari" received the status of "Social Enterprise of the Year" and a monetary award from a unique supporter, the company "SOCAR", for the development of the enterprise.

The event was held in a hybrid format - speakers were represented in the space, at the Georgian Agency for Innovation and Technology, and stakeholders watched the event through the Zoom platform.

The forum is supported by the European Union, BDO Georgia, Archi, SOCAR, Bodyshop, AIC Group, Business Partner, MAC Georgia, the Agency for Innovation and Technology and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Latvia. The Forum is a constant supporter of the Georgian Center for Strategic Research and Development.