Georgia Adopts Key Laws to Harmonise Country's Energy Sector

Following the Parliament’s adoption in third reading of the Law on Energy and Water Supply and the Law on Renewable Energy Sources

Power Sector and Energy Security

The energy efficiency bill is to revise our energy policy and strategy.

AE SOLAR Director General: Regulations Generate Main Challenges

There are many challenges in the renewable energy field and regulations create major obstacles in this respect, AE SOLAR director general Durbeck Patakhov told BM.GE

Average Monthly Wages Increased in Georgia

According to Geostat, in the III quarter of the 2019 year, the average monthly earnings in Georgia increased by 92 Gel compared to the second quarter of the previous year and amounted to 1 217.1 Gel.

Volume of Reinvested Earnings Doubled

"The recent statistics is very heartening- the FDI data for the 3rd quarter showed that Georgia’s FDI is a double-digit figure and more importantly, the volume of reinvested earnings are practically doubled," Natia Turnava said.

Record Container Volumes Handled at Poti Sea Port

APM Terminals Poti hit another record year by handling its 500,000 TEU of the year - more than the entire Georgian market has ever done.

Georgia and Ukraine sign Agreement to Create High-level Strategic Council

"We confirm that Ukraine is our strategic partner and also evidence that we can better fight with challenges together" noted Giorgi Gakharia, Prime Minister of Georgia when summarizing his visit to Ukraine for journalists today.

Why Georgian Bay Leaves Goes for Export, not for Domestic Market

LLC Georgian Bay, a bay leaves processing plant equipped with modern technologies, provides active job for covering exports markets and supplies 100% of its products to foreign markets.

Georgian Engineers Preparing to Run Shuakhevi Hydropower Plant (HPP)

As the Shuakhevi HPP, one of the largest energy projects in Georgia, is reaching the final stage of construction, the project team is preparing to start the test operation.