Net Profit of Georgian Banks Declines

In February 2019, Georgian commercial banks made a profit of $ 55.7 million, which is 34.2 million less than in the same period of 2018.

The National Bank Of Georgia Cuts The Monetary Policy Rate By 0.25 Percentage Points To 6.5%

The Monetary Policy Committee (MPC) of the National Bank of Georgia (NBG) met on March 13 and decided to cut the refinancing rate by 25 basis points. Currently, the policy rate stands at 6.5 percent.

The Value of Credits in Georgia – International Experience

Where can we find or borrow money which would be easy to return at the lowest interest rates? Are there, anywhere, similar creditors? It turns out that similar creditors do genuinely exist.

TBC Bank Case: Mamuka Khazaradze’s Withdrawal Raises More Questions

The TBC Bank case has turned out to be a high-profile matter over the past month. The story of one transaction raised more questions in terms of business freedom and democracy in the country.

Mamuka Khazaradze: I express full distrust to Koba Gvenetadze and NBG Vice President

TBC Bank founder Mamuka Khazaradze demands that Koba Gvenetadze, president of the National Bank of Georgia (NBG) resign and urges to call him to account.

TBC Bank Received 34 million USD Credit Resource

On February 28, TBC Bank has received 34 million USD credit resource from the European Investment Bank (EIB). The funds will be spent on small and medium business financing of bank clients in Georgia.

U.S Embassy: TBC Case Result can Have Significant Implications for Georgia’s Reputation

The U.S. Embassy to Georgia is closely following developments surrounding TBC Bank.

Volume of Lending by Commercial Banks Decreased by 170.2 million GEL

The volume of lending by commercial banks (including loans to non-residents) in January 2019 decreased by 170.2 million GEL or by 0.6 percent compared to the previous month.

Non-bank Deposits Decreased by 450.6 million GEL

The total volume of non-bank deposits in the country’s banking sector decreased by 2.0 percent.