Posted: 3 months ago

Liberty Introduced New Banking Service

Liberty successfully implemented the so-called Core system of the main banking system in partnership with the largest IT company ASSECO in the Central and Eastern Europe region.

The company ASSECO was founded in Poland in 1991 and occupies 6th places among software manufacturers. The company has been cooperating with both state and commercial banks and private organizations since 2013 and offers its customers full cycle of service: offering its own software, production and support.

The successful implementation of the project in Liberty is unprecedented and unique in the Georgian banking field since the company has not fully implemented the so-called Core system despite close cooperation with ASSECO.

"As a result of one-year intensive work, in cooperation with ASSECO, we have introduced a new banking service that will improve service and ensure banking operations more quickly and better. Based on the success of the project, we continue to cooperate with the above-mentioned company and in the future, we will offer many unprecedented bank products and services to our customers, "said Levan Tkhelidze, deputy director general of Liberty.

Company ASSECO employes 22,000 people and revenues amounted to $2 billion in 2017.

ASSECO GEORGIA was founded in 2013 and the number of employees exceeds over 60. The history of Asseco Georgia currently has over 15 successful projects and more than 5 products, including ERP, HR, Docflow, Workflow, DataWare House and so on. Agile methodology has been introduced for more than 1 year.

"ASSESCO" office in Georgia introduces European knowledge and quality. The software created in Georgia is based on AGILE methodology and the complete cycle of production is carried out with the best practices of quality management.

Products created by ASSESCO are designed for high-tech fields such as banking, insurance, medical, telecommunication, electricity and many more. It should also be noted that ASSESCO's software is covered by the full range of requirements of these business directions.

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