Plant Care by Butko - Space for Plant Lovers

Project Butko is a space for plant lovers which unites a variety of services and products. Currently, two services are managed by Butko, Plant Hotel and Plant Care. CBW had an interview with its co-founder, Archil Gogoberidze.

Zinc Network Announces Winner of the first Counter Disinformation Innovation Competition

Pulsar AI, Meta Mine, and have won the first ever Counter Disinformation Innovation Competition, a joint project of Zinc Network and Startup Grind Tbilisi.

Payze Becomes the Part of YCombinator Acceleration Program

Payze is e-commerce-oriented Innovator of financial transactions, helping businesses to accept payments from around the world through a single integration.

LAMO Handmade Handbags – Hobby Grown into Business

“The handmade things that reflect the author’s spiritual emotion”, LAMO has developed the hobby into business to offer handmade bags and wallets to both Georgian and foreign tourists.

Macrame Artist on the Art of Knotting and Launching MISS KNOT 

‘’I get inspired, I visualize and I can’t even sleep until I turn my ideas into tangible, completed pieces,’’-says the founder of Miss Knot. Nini Kalmakhelidze uses popular macrame techniques to create boho decor and accessories. 

Accessories Brand Muana: Necklaces Inspired by Individual Stories

Ana Kurtanidze and Mariam Ghoghadze, cousins, launched the accessories brand ''Muana'' together. Ana once made a necklace, showed it to Mariam, and this one item became the reason for starting the business. 

Azerbaijani Startup Eleven Kings Signs Long-term Agreement with Ronaldinho, Legendary Football Player

Eleven Kings, an online football game startup, just signed an official agreement with Ronaldinho, the legendary "Barcelona FC" player.

Latvian Company Buys Stake in Georgian Startup TTM

Latvian company Baltic Tech Ventures has bought a stake in Georgian startup Total Traffic Management (TTM). Later, the Latvian company plans to increase its stake in the Georgian startup.

Irakli Sarava of the Capstone Group Joins Georgian Startups in Silicon Valley

The Capstone Group, a partner of Georgia’sTechnology and Innovation Agency has announced that it is joining four startups Payze,, Cargon, Agrolabs from 500 Startups Accelerator Program during their visit to Silicon Valley.