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Awork Launched First Employment App in Georgia

Awork is a Georgian employment platform that entered the market recently. It consists of three main products: Awork App, Awork Website & Awork Business Platform. Each of them significantly helps job seekers and employers to find the right job/personnel.

MVP had an interview with its co-founder Giorgi Razmadze in detail about the startup:

The idea to create Awork appeared in December 2021. In recent years, we have been actively monitoring the situation and challenges in the field of employment in Georgia, therefore, we saw a space on this side that really needed technological improvement and digitization.

The first few weeks were devoted to market research, better study of competitors, and detailed analysis of foreign trends or practices. This stage further convinced us of the timeliness and need for Awork. From February 2022, we started working on the technology and as a result of 4 months of active work, we received the MVP version of Awork on June 1. We devoted 1 month to testing Friends & Family and launched the website on July 1, and on September 16 we launched Awork App - the first Georgian employment application.

Within 24 hours of app launch, without marketing activities, we had over 1,000 app downloads and over 15,000 in-app actions, which once again underlines how important the recruitment app is to the job seeker.

Issues that Awork solves:

In general, the problem of employment is quite relevant in our country, and our main goal is to simplify the process of finding a job for a job seeker and recruiting for a business using technology. Every year, more than 50 thousand new job seekers enter the Georgian market, but small and medium-sized businesses do not have the proper digital tools for their targeted and effective recruitment. On the other hand, it is difficult for the job seeker to find the desired vacancy, because the majority of Georgian employment platforms are not adapted for mobile while more than 80% of job seekers use smartphones.

Awork services

The Awork ecosystem consists of three main products: Awork App, Awork Website & Awork Business Platform.

Awork App - this is the first application of Georgian employment, which offers an innovative, different, but well-known experience in the field of employment to the job seeker. Our app helps the job seeker to easily find a job close to home, send CV with a click of a button or just swipe above the job card like in the popular app Tinder. Such experience also helps the business to simplify the recruitment process and increase efficiency.

Awork Website – is tailored to the needs of job seekers and is Mobile Friendly. One of the main advantages of Awork is that the searcher does not have to leave the site to send a CV and can find a job using the map. In case of registration, the user has the opportunity to keep track of sent applications, save desired vacancies, subscribe to job notifications, upload CV and use it at any time. If the user does not have a CV, he can complete a profile and share it with a potential employer.

Also, the seeker has the opportunity to upload a motivational video of up to 1 minute to the profile and tell the employer about his experience or skills.

Awork Business-Profile – Business-Profile is a space for companies where they have the opportunity to digitally manage the entire recruitment cycle. The company profile consists of three main modules:

Dashboard – a space where important data about vacancies and applications is collected.

Jobs management module – a space where jobs can be published, organized, duplicated, edited, etc.

Applicant management module – a space where you can select applicants, mark them as favorites, filter, indicate comments, change statuses, etc.

Awork today

It is the third month that our startup has been operating. Thousands of active unique users visit the platform every day, and the functionality we offer to job seekers is growing day by day. Also, our platform has already helped dozens of people to find a job, which is quite a motivation for us.

Within 3 days of Awork App launch, we had 3000+ app downloads, 2000+ new registrations, 45000+ in-app actions, 1000+ CV submissions.

In this short time, we have already succeeded and more than 200 businesses have registered on the platform and are using our startup every day. After the end of the Free Trial period, such companies continued their corporate cooperation with us, for example: Adjara Group, TBC Fee, Nikora Trade, Elite-Electronics, Pasha Bank,, etc.

Future plans

Awork's future plans can be divided into two directions:

The first is product development. Our goal is to make finding a job easier and more fun. For hourly and part-time job seekers and businesses looking for such staff. We want to make searching for a job easy and convenient, even while traveling by metro, to turn any free 5 minutes of the searcher into a time to find a new and interesting job. Along with this, we will offer businesses a more functional business profile, where it will be possible to organize interviews, onboarding/offboarding, manage employees, payrolls, etc.

The second is business development. Our goal is to fully concentrate on the Georgian market in 2022-2023 and become a leading employment platform. And in 2024, we plan to launch the product in the region.

Source: MVP