Posted: 2 weeks ago

Batcave Wins Hackathon Organized by Binance

Georgian Innovation and Technology Agency has recently hosted an international hackathon organized by the company DeGameFi and BNB Chain, in which both Georgian and foreign developers took part.

The 25 hackathon participating teams were given 48 hours to complete specific tasks and assignments related to Web3 and blockchain technologies, during which time they had to present their work to an international jury.

The winner of the hackathon was the team from Georgia named - Batcave, which received a prize of $1500 and, most importantly, a ticket to participate in the international hackathon scheduled for October. The members of the winning team are: Levan Ilashvili, Giorgi Koshoridze and Beka Zakaidze, who with their gamified project earned the interest not only of the evaluators, but also of the head of Binance's gamification department.

The project of the Georgian team called - Cours3 combines the fields of education, decentralized finance and gamification and, on the one hand, helps people to improve the process of self-education, and on the other hand, to raise awareness of the big players of the crypto ecosystem.

"The inspiration for the idea of ​​our project was our personal experience. Each of us has bought a lot of courses that we either don't take or don't finish. The idea is to motivate self-educators and provide a kind of trigger to finish these training courses. Why is it important to finish the course? BNB, as well as other players in the crypto market, spend millions of dollars every year to educate their ecosystem to developers and all interested parties. To do this, we have come up with a platform where anyone can buy a training course, stake conditional BNB, indicate the start and end dates of the course, and the if he/she successfully completes the course within the stipulated period, the paid fee will be refunded and he/she will receive our tokens as a gift, and if the person does not complete the course, the money and the tokens will simply disappear.

In this case, the users of the platform have two motivations: one is that they have the opportunity to win tokens (with which they will pay for the certification exam), and the other is to withdraw the money paid for the course and learn practically for free.

As for the business model of the project, the student who wants to study will pay the certification exam fee with our special tokens; Different foundations will pay a specific amount to host their courses since this will not be an open platform, and thirdly - according to statistics, 55% of self-educators usually do not complete the courses, and therefore, the money they pay becomes our income", Member of the winning team, Beka Zakaidze tells Entrepreneur about the Cours3 project. 

For information, the final event of the international hackathon organized by DeGameFi and BNB Chain will be held on October 22-23, where the team representing Georgia will try to win a $10 million prize fund.

Entrepreneur traditionally follows the news of the Georgian crypto ecosystem and wishes success to the team - BatCave (Levan Ilashvili, Giorgi Koshoridze and Beka Zakaidze) on the international stage.

source: Entrepreneur