Real Estate

Real Estate Expert: Standard Loan Conditions Promote Development Sector

It is difficult to promote development projects under standard loan conditions”, real estate expert Shota Gujabidze noted. Standard mortgage loans make the construction process more expensive, he said.

Ceramic Factory Opens in Gardabani

In the region of Gardabani, the village Norio ceramic factory will be opened, which will correspond to high standards.

Construction Sector's Growth Slowing Down in Georgia

According to the National Statistical Office, in the second quarter of 2019 the construction sector declined by 4.6%.

M2 Development Company to Finish Sveti Project

Tbilisi City Hall and M2 Real Estate development company have signed a memorandum on cooperation.

Korter: Reliable Information on Residential Real Estate in Georgia

Finding new housing is not an easy task. But everything becomes completely different when you use the property selection service

Number of room on Georgian Hospitality Market Increased by 8%

National Statistics Office of Georgia has issued a review on Georgian tourism industry. According to the review, the number of rooms in Georgian hotels has increased by 8% during the 2018. 

Hotel with 72 Suites and Winery to Open at Ilia Lake

Hotel with 72 suites will be built at the Ilia Lake, Kvareli.

Number of Hotel Suites Grows by 8% to 33 200 Ones

According to Geostat, the sector employs 19 300 persons on average.

Shopping Transformed: Malls of Tbilisi in the Chain of Retail Revolution

Cushman & Wakefield Georgia reviewed some of the key ideas that drive the viability of shopping malls as well as macroeconomic and social shifts that have precipitated the demise of the traditional model.