Georgian International Festival of Arts GIFT to Begin on October 19th

The GIFT Festival is an annual celebration bringing the best of the visiting arts in Tbilisi, as well as leading our country’s unique cultural profile internationally.

Tbilisi to host DATAFEST - the Biggest International Data and Communications Event in Georgia

On 14–16 November, the Georgian capital of Tbilisi will host the third edition of an international data and communications event designed to inspire its participants to explore new opportunities to engage with and use data.

Science and Innovation Festival will Take Place in Zugdidi

Closing ceremony of Science and Innovation Festival will take place on the territory of Rukhi's Fortress. 

Across the Mountains: the South Caucasus Photography, Part I Holds in Zurab Tsereteli Museum of Modern Art

The project initiated by Tbilisi Photography & Multimedia Museum is a unique initiative that brings together in one exhibition space artists working across the South Caucasus region.

TBILISOBA 2019 to Hold on October 6th

TBILISOBA 2019 is a charity event organized by the Diocese of the Georgian Church in the United Kingdom and Ireland.

Manhattan Short Film Festival in Amirani Cinema

During the week of September 26 to October the 26, 2019, an audience of over one hundred thousand people will unite in over 350 Cinemas worldwide to view and vote on the Finalists' Films in the 22 Annual MANHATTAN SHORT Film Festival.

First Visit of Dribbble in Georgia for UI/UX Designers

For the first time in Georgia meeting will be held for UI/UX, which is supported by Dribbble.

IE University and Startuperi host Entrepreneurship Day

IE University and Startuperi host an Entrepreneurship day on October 8 at Expo Georgia.

Tbilisi to host MANHATTAN SHORT - the First Global Film Festival

On October 1 and 2, the Amirani Cinema will host the Manhattan Short Film Festival.