UNDP, Government of Sweden Promote Extended Producer Responsibility in Georgia

E-waste management under the Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR) in Georgia is the focus of a new project launched today by the UNDP.

Natia Turnava: 85% of Families will Be Switched to Natural Gas Supply System

We have been implementing a large-scale gasification program, including in the villages, which will receive natural gas for the first time, Minister of Economy Natia Turnava told PalitraNews TV company.

Georgia’s Exports to EU Countries Up 22.1 Percent

Georgia’s exports to  the EU countries amounted to $ 360.9 million in January-May 2019 which is  22.1 percent more than in the previous year and makes 24.6 percent of the country's total exports, the National Statistical Office reports.

German Ambassador: Georgia Cannot Valuably Employ DSFTA Opportunities

According to Hubert Knirsch, German Ambassador to Georgia, Georgia cannot valuably employ DCFTA opportunities.

Partnership Fund to Repay 139 million GEL to CREDIT SUISSE

In September 2019 state-owned Partnership Fund must repay 139 million GEL to Swiss bank Credit Suisse, including the principal sum of 117.5 million GEL and 21.5 million GEL interest rate and commission fee.

Georgia Attracts €90 million In World Bank Funds To Finance Education

The World Bank will allocate 90 million euros ($101 million) to Georgia to finance the country's education system. Agreement was signed today. 

World Bank to Allocate 90 Million Euro to Georgia’s Education System

The World Bank will allocate 90 million euro to Georgia's education system, Georgian Prime Minister Mamuka Bakhtadze stated during the briefing before today's Government meeting.

Regional USA Commercial Representation to Be Opened in Georgia

The Minister, the process of establishing a US commercial representation in Georgia that will serve as a regional office will be launched soon.

Average Earnings Equaled to ₾ 876.1 for Women, while ₾1294.1 for Men

In the I quarter of 2019 the average earnings equaled to 876.1 Gel for women, while 1294.1 Gel for men and the annual growth of earnings amounted to 58.0 and 22.4 Gel, respectively.