Nina Gomarteli

Jazz Club Singer - Movement that Brings Jazz to the City 

If you’re still skeptical whether Tbilisi can do jazz or not, you should visit a local  jazz club: Singer. The cafe has a vibrant, lively atmosphere, and hosts talented musicians gather for jam sessions.

Beginners Guide How (Not) to Rave at Georgian Clubs

There was something I needed to learn to be a real raver of Georgian Clubs. Here’s the guide, if you are longing to fit in and enjoy your night out.

WaveTech Creates Electronic Gloves for Blind People to Become more Socially Active

The digital revolution has not reached everyone in the same way.

Georgian App 'Expago' Connects Locals and Travelers for Unique Traveling Experience

Adventure seeker, caring mother, fisherman, pensioner, student or professional guide - anyone can be a part of Expago and earn an income.

Danish Artist Illustrates Different Aspects of Georgia to Encourage Tourism

Danish artist Livija Viksna Yde is working on illustrations series about Georgia, that shows gained impressions after living there for two years.

Maps that Make Your Travel Memories Visible

CBW had an interview with Tornike Zhorzholiani, founder of Color Up Georgia:

Illustrated Stories of Living in Georgia as an Expat

The comics portray different daily situations in the life of an expat living in Georgia, that are filled with a sense of humor. CBW asked the author to tell more about his experience: