Posted: 5 years ago
Author: Nina Gomarteli

Color Up Georgia – Maps that Make Your Travel Memories Visible

Scraping maps is a fun and motivating way to mark places you’ve visited on the map. Not so long ago, company ”Color Up Georgia” issued a special edition, where you can track your progress specifically on Georgian site. CBW had an interview with Tornike Zhorzholiani, founder of Color Up Georgia:

How did you come up with the idea, which factor helped you implement and develop your startup?

Traveling is always associated with huge impressions and memories, that was an inspiration to create something different, that would describe and lead traveling process in a more interesting way.

My big will and passion helped me to implement the idea, as I’m a traveler myself. I think diligence helped me to achieve the goal and now we already have a decorative scrapping map, that makes our memories more visible.

How did public react to the appearance of your brand and who is your target group?

From the very first day of our product appearing on the market, we see huge interest, receive positive feedback. It is motivating to work on our future plans.

We get asked often, whether occupied territories are included- Of course there is! I’m being hopeful, that our citizens will visit Abkhazia, Samachablo and this map will become a part of it.

As for our target audience, I think any person can enjoy with the product – both Georgian, as well as tourist. I must note, that we produce maps in Latin script too for visitors.

Who’s your team and what’s work process like?

We put a lot of effort and work to create the decorative map – we worked on the content, design and most importantly, constructing it correctly. We had consultations with professional cartographers to reach this outcome. I would say, one can’t invest himself fully in this business, if he’s not passionate about traveling. Consequently, our team consists of travelers. This is a bonding factor, even though we all have different professions, thus we bring various ideas. I think it helps us to make our product diversification and develop it.  

In which directions are you planning to develop your startup?

Our company aims at popularization of Georgia, domestically and abroad. That’s why we work in different directions, that we will represent soon.