HUAWEI's Success as it Improves Index on Fortune 500 List 2019

The company HUAWEI continues its long history of success and has improved this year's Fortune 500 list by 11 points compared to the previous year and over 2017 by 68 points.

Ukrainian Start-ups to Participate in the World’s Largest Green Business Ideas Competition: ClimateLaunchpad

More than 55 countries, including Ukraine, will participate this year in the world’s biggest competition for green business ideas, Climate Launchpad.

Baku’s Largest Electronics Store Becomes Energy Efficient

One of the largest electronics stores in the Caucasus and the market leader of electronic goods and home appliances in Azerbaijan.

BioSolar Leaf Tech Will Pull Pollution From London Air

British startup Arborea is launching a pilot project on an Imperial College London campus to test out its “BioSolar Leaf” technology.

Changing the Game: Visa Sets Sights on a “Cashless Japan” with One Year to Go to the Olympic Games Tokyo 2020

With one year to go until the Olympic Games Tokyo 2020, Visa, the Worldwide Payment Technology Partner of the Olympic Games, is preparing innovative payment experiences for athletes.

EU4Energy to Support Ukraine to Develop New Strategy for Energy-efficient Renovation of Buildings

The EU4Energy Governance project will support Ukraine in developing a long-term strategy for mobilising investment in the renovation of the national stock of residential and commercial buildings, in order to boost their energy efficiency.

AIIB, EBRD and BSTDB co-finance expansion of Turkey’s largest geothermal power plant

Three major development banks are helping Turkey diversify its energy mix with an investment adding close to 100 MW in capacity to EFELER, the country’s largest geothermal power plant.

A Budget Smartphone with Future Technology: HUAWEI P Smart Z Is Already in Georgia

HUAWEI P Smart Z is the new model with a unique combination of progressive technology, revolutionary aesthetic design and affordable price, which allows the customer not to lag behind the times or trends in future technology.

Christine Legarde Resigns as Head of IMF

Christine Lagarde has said she will step down as managing director of the International Monetary Fund (IMF).