Posted: 4 years ago

A Budget Smartphone with Future Technology: HUAWEI P Smart Z Is Already in Georgia

HUAWEI P Smart Z is the new model with a unique combination of progressive technology, revolutionary aesthetic design and affordable price, which allows the customer not to lag behind the times or trends in future technology.

Sales of the P Smart Z series smartphones at HUAWEI's partner stores has already begun in Georgia.

The HUAWEI Stark was developed primarily with students and young professionals in mind, users anxious to take advantage of their newfound independence, but also occasionally needing to put business before pleasure.

Significant features of the model are the pop-up camera with the support of AI (artificial intelligence), durable battery, functional and efficient operating system, full HD screen, powerful graphics and distinctive aesthetic design.

The 16-megapixel pop-up camera of the P smart Z, during normal use is hidden within the phone  body. When front camera is activated, for instance when taking selfies, it  automatically emerges and hovers over the screen like a submarine periscope appearing from the surface. This futuristic design elegantly solves the location problem of the front camera and allows the screen to be fully utilized.

The lens of the camera rises softly even after prolonged use. As a result of HUAWEI's strict tests, it can endure up to 100,000 different damaging situations. In addition, smartphones have a clever mechanism to protect against drops, automatically detecting the fall and retracting the camera lens. The front camera is equipped with artificial intelligence that automatically captures 8 common scenes of photography, including blue sky, greenness, closed space, and snowy views. Its light and background adjustment function, as well as the algorithm of making facial features prettier, and 3D portrait lighting effects, allows users to capture an excellent portrait.

The P Smart Z is equipped with a 16MP + 8 MP + 2MP triple camera system. Through the basic 16 MP and 8 MP cameras, you are able to make crystal clean photos with the perfect perfection of detail and lighting technology. The 8 MP camera is capable of shooting at a 120-degree width and the 2MP sensor works in coordination with the main camera and allows you to shoot SLR quality photos.

 P Smart Z screen has taken a bold leap into the unknown, by envisioning a screen entirely free of holes, notches, or sliders, for an authentic full screen effect.. By relocating the front camera, earpiece, and ambient light sensor, the HUAWEI Stark achieves a sleek 19.5:9 screen aspect ratio. When streaming videos or gaming, the user can traverse distant landscapes and gaze into far-off horizons. With a 2340 x 1080 Full HD display and a jam-packed pixel density of 391 PPI  the HUAWEI screen appears to work like a magnifying glass, conveying detail on a minute scale. The wide color palette of

of 85% produces a rich and vibrant visual tapestry, providing the magnified display with bold textures and vivid features. . The HUAWEI P Smart Z is equipped with a modern eye comfort mode that filters out harmful blue light to prevent eye strain and fatigue.  This function has been strictly tested for photo biological safety and been certified as effective by TÜV Rheinland .

With the renewed, 12 nm process Kirin 710F chipset, smartphone work has been improved overall performance is 30% higher, while energy consumption is actually 30% lower. In duration, the strong battery comes close to the top players in the market. In addition, the EMUI 9 operating system includes leading F2FS 2.0 and EROFS technologies that cleans up system cache, fragments, increases memory, and provides smartphone’s ordered performance for longer periods without delays.

HUAWEI products and services are available in more than 170 countries and are used by a third of the world's population. There are 16 research and development centers operating worldwide in the USA, Germany, Sweden, Russia, India and China. HUAWEI Consumer BG is one of HUAWEI's three business units, mainly focusing on Smartphones, personal computers, tablets and cloud services. HUAWEI Global Network is based on 20 years’ experience in the telecommunications business and serves to provide innovative technologies to customers around the world.