Posted: 4 years ago

Baku’s Largest Electronics Store Becomes Energy Efficient

One of the largest electronics stores in the Caucasus and the market leader of electronic goods and home appliances in Azerbaijan – Baku Electronics – has increased its energy efficiency thanks to the European Bank of Reconstruction and Development’s FINTECCprogramme, to which the EU is a donor.

Baku Electronics has now built three new, green, multi-brand stores. “We want to raise our customers’ awareness of environmental concerns too, so we make sure we focus on energy efficient products, not only with what we sell, but also with what we use,” explained one of its founders, Habib Nahkjavani.

With the support of the FINTECC programme, the company installed coated glass windows with low transmittance throughout the store, resulting in a significant reduction in energy use. These energy-efficient windows also help reduce heat loss, keep the store warmer and lower heating bills.

This translates into up to 6,000 MWh per year in energy savings and a reduction of 2,000 tonnes in CO2 emissions per year. It is equivalent to taking 500 cars off the road.