Payze: We Took Off After Winning 500Georgia

Just a couple of years ago, when Georgia was not yet visible on the world startup map, the world-class accelerator 500Georgia appeared in our country.

Georgia Hosts Entrepreneurship World Cup Competition to Support Startup Ecosystem

In order to support the startup ecosystem in Georgia, the Entrepreneurship World Cup will be held, organized by Global Entrepreneurship Network Georgia and supported by leading organizations.

Atoms Audio Launches Loudspeakers Produced in Georgia Soon

The sale of the first fully Georgian speaker will start in the near future. We are talking about five products of the startup Atoms Audio.

Cargon: We Entered Two Neighboring Countries After 500Georgia

''The main motivation for participating in the program was to get the knowledge and experience that would help us solve everyday problems and develop our product market fit.''

500 Georgia Winners on Participation in the Accelerator Program

Four-year cooperation between the Bank of Georgia, GITA, and the top global accelerator in the world, 500 Global, was announced about a week ago.

Cardeal Saw 600% Improvement in Sales as a Result of Participation in 500 Georgia

Two years ago, the entry of the world-class top-accelerator 500 Global in Georgia completely changed the reality, growth rate, and perspective of startups

Handmade Invitations & Wedding Accessories: Demand is Returning to Pre-Pandemic Levels

Likuna Kotetishvili got the idea of making wedding accessories after her own wedding. Today, the company offers different types of wedding services and accessories.

Convobridge Removes Communication Barriers for People with Disabilities

Millions of people worldwide have vision and hearing problems — as of 2020, 43 million people are blind and 70 million are hard of hearing.

Georgia Hosts Innovation and Entrepreneurship Leadership Camp

In 2022-2023, the "Innovation and Leadership Camp" of the European Innovation Academy will be held in Batumi, Georgia.