Posted: 1 month ago

The Winemaker of "Teliani Valley" Mikheil Khmelidze is Among the Top Three Winemakers in the World

Teliani Valley won the awards and received international recognition at the International Wine Challenge 2022. The main winemaker of "Teliani Valley" Mikheil Khmelidze is now among the top three winemakers in the world.

Teliani Valley wines presented at IWC 2022 were awarded 2 highest awards - Gold Cup, 2 Gold, 5 Silver and 7 Bronze medals.


The highest rated wines by experts are as follows:

  • Glekhuri, Khikhvi Qvevri 2019 - Khikhvi Trophy; Georgian White Trophy; Gold Medal
  • Glekhuri, Khikhvi Qvevri 2020 - Gold Medal
  • Glekhuri, Kaberne-Saperavi 2019 - Gold Medal
  • Teliani Valley, WINERY97 Kakhuri #8 - Silver Medal
  • Teliani Valley, WINERY97  Saperavi 2020 - Silver Medal
  • Glekhuri, Qisi Qvevri 2019 - Silver Medal
  • Glekhuri, Tsolikouri Qvevri 2021 -Silver Medal

The International Wine Challenge is one of the most important and influential competitions in the world, held annually in London.

This year, thousands of wines from 50 countries participated in the competition.

In the 2022 competition, 317 gold, 1731 silver, and 2048 bronze wines were revealed. The winners of IWC2022 will be announced on July 7.