Posted: 1 year ago

Tbilvino Started Exporting Georgian Wine to New Zealand

The wine produced by the company "Tbilvino" is already sold in New Zealand. The company found 10 new partners this year. Margvelashvili, the founder of the company, shared the achievements and news of "Tbilvino" in 2022.

"We strengthened cooperation with existing partners. We added 2 new contractors in countries where we were already represented, namely - Ukraine, Great Britain, Poland. At the same time, we entered such markets where the awareness of Georgian wine is low, in particular - in New Zealand, the United Arab Emirates, and Hungary. I can say that the year 2022, which was a year of challenges, has been turned into a year of opportunities and strengthening", - said Zurab Margvelashvili at Business Partner. 

According to him, due to the Russia-Ukraine war, the company suspended in 2022 for reputational risk insurance, and has suspended reloads in Russia to this day. In addition, among the achievements of the current year, the founder of "Tbilvino" mentions 49 medals received in 3 different international competitions in London, which is another victory of Georgian wine.

It should be noted that in 2022 "Tblilvino" continued to cultivate vineyards and the area of the company's own vineyards exceeded 400 hectares.