Posted: 4 years ago

Lopota Spa Resort Presented Its Own Wine Brand Buera


Located within a 2-hour drive from Tbilisi, in the historical area of the region of Kakheti, hotel complex Lopota Spa Resort is one of the most demanded places among Georgian and foreign tourists.

Currently, hotel Lopota has 14 hotel buildings with 186 rooms, out of which 2 buildings were launched recently. In the next years the hotel plans further expansion, increasing the number of rooms to 400.

Lopota Spa Resort is one of the most favorite places in Kakheti. Reasons for this are numerous. Anyone coming here on vacation has the possibility to participate in their favorite activity, have fun, rest, and feel themselves in a special environment. Lopota Spa Resort is not just a vacation spot, it is, in the first place, an opportunity to receive a lot of impressions for the guests.

Bars, restaurants, conference halls, children’s entertainment areas, a bathhouse, spa and health center – all these have been successfully functioning for a long time on the territory of the complex. Besides, Lopota guests have the possibility to engage themselves in horseback riding, tennis or golf, while those who prefer extreme sports are offered quadri-tours and other similar activities.

It seems like up until now, in Lopota Spa Resort one could receive all possible services, however the hotel doesn’t stop developing. Another proof of this fact is that this year Lopota presented its own wine brand “Buera”.

“Buera” is one of the oldest and rarest sort of grapes that is cultivated in a special Kakhetian viticulture zone of Napareuli. This is the territory where the river of Lopota runs, inputting its share into the ideal ripening of the grapes.

Lopota Spa Resort started producing two types of wine: Rkatsiteli and Saperavi, which are produced both with European and traditional Georgian methods.

At this stage, guests can exclusively sample “Buera” at the chateau Buera located on the territory of Lopota Spa Resort.

With its classical exterior, chateau Buera naturally blends in with the environment, while its modern interior creates a unique contrast with the nature. In this special place, you can get a comfortable accommodation, enjoy the view of the surrounding vineyards, sample the wine, and try dishes that match the wine selected for you by the chateau Buera professional sommelier.

Besides the sophisticated environment and delicious dishes, Buera offers wine tours. Tours are only conducted with the accompaniment of a professional guide and sommelier. During the tour, guests look over the Buera wine cellar and winemaking technologies, taste the best snacks in Kakheti, sightsee halls of chateau Buera and learn small secrets about wine.

Lopota Spa Resort is development-oriented and takes into consideration interests of all segments, that is why guests can discover pleasant novelties during every visit.

As we found out, in the nearest future, hotel complex plans to expand its territory to reach 100 hectares. Among the planned issues are activities of an adventure center on the territory of the resort and increase of number of tours outside its area.