Posted: 2 weeks ago

Hereti Global Plans to Export Chacha to the United States after Georgian Wine

Founded by Georgian partners living in the United States, Hereti Global will start exporting Georgian Chacha in September, along with increasing Georgian wine exports to the US market.

Alazani Estate Winery wines are now available in up to 40 places in New York and New Jersey, including chain stores and restaurants, according to Avtandil Chkheidze, co-founder of Hereti Global.

"We intend to raise wine export quantities this year, and if we successfully sold 16,500 bottles of eight different denominations of wine in September last year, we will expand volumes to 20,000-30,000 bottles in September this year, and denominations to 20." Along with the increase of volumes, we are also working on the expansion of the sales area. After New York and New Jersey, we will import wine to Florida and California," said Avtandil Chkheidze.

Hereti Global will export chacha along with wine. This was written in the company's plan and work in this direction has already begun.

"We plan to export 5,000 bottles of four types - classic, tarragon, citrus and honey chacha in the initial - test mode. We have already started working on product import in the US. We have already agreed on the labels and at this point we have sent samples to the FDA. High-alcohol beverages require a laboratory test in the United States, so Alazani Estate Winery chacha will appear in the United States meeting all standards," said Hereti Global co-founder.

To the question - based on the existing experience in the case of wine, how do they assess the prospects of selling chacha in the US, Avtandil Chkheidze answers: “I want to increase the demand for chacha in the US market. I will actively use marketing for this. The selling price of chacha will be about 15-17 dollars. "