Posted: 11 months ago

Travelers Have to Apply and Pay Entry Fee to Enter Europe Starting in 2023

The European Travel Information and Authorization System will introduce mandatory registration and a 7 euro fee for visitors to most European countries as of May 2023. 

ETIAS states the system will be able to “Assist in detecting and decreasing crime and terrorism” and “Impede irregular migration.” With the system, visitors from 62 other countries will still be able to travel visa-free in most European nations.

Applicants will be able to apply online, from the website, or through the app. 

According to the European Commission, filling out the ETIAS application is a simple procedure and will take about 10 minutes. As for the fee, its payment is mandatory for visitors aged 18-70. 

ETIAS does not apply to citizens and residents of EU Member States.

The application process will be completely online and in 95% of the applicants will get the approval. In extremely rare cases, the maximum time for the confirmation process is one month.

The validation will be valid for 3 years and the visitor will be able to cross the border in unlimited quantities within this period of time.