Posted: 2 weeks ago

Shaori Chalet Plans to Add More Houses and Water Attractions

Shaori Chalet plans to add 2 and 4-bed houses for the spring, as well as a floating bungalow, for the implementation of which more than 150,000 GEL will be spent.

Vakhtang Iashvili, the founder of Shaori Chalet, told Business Partner that it is planned to add boats and offer various water attractions to the guests, thus prolonging the visit of the guests.

"At this stage, the project is in test mode and we are thinking of offering bigger houses in the future. The design will change, there will be more stained glass and open space. As for the bungalow, it will be designed not only for our vacationers, but also for any guest, on which the food facility will be located. We also plan to add walking and car tours on the shore. We make a website with a view of the shore from above, potentially good places will be highlighted, after which the client chooses the location of what views he wants to see. The concept of the page has been created and we plan to launch it in the spring, ”said Vakhtang Iashvili.