Posted: 5 years ago

On Larsi Border Tourists to be Gifted with Georgian Wine

National Administration of Tourism will gift tourists with branded Georgian wine.

A New marketing campaign will be launched in Tbilisi International Airport and on the border of Larsi. International visitors will be gifted with 0,187 and 0,375 liters of Georgian wine. For this campaign, National Administration of Tourism has requested procurement of wines from the Government without tender. The price of the procurement is 922 500 Lari.

The campaign will be launched in Summer. 

"We started a campaign in a limited time because of the circumstances aroused by our country. But it is also worth mentioning, that Georgian Tourism National administration has started elaborating this project in May. For the reason of participating with the private sector, it was declared to express the interests, which was finished with the negative result. After this, Administration has declared the tender (NAT190012006). Operating the campaign, the remaining time does not correspond to aroused challenges. Therefore, it is appropriate to react correlatively in a limited time. For the country it is utterly relevant, to hold this event without delay, to position Georgia, as a secure and hospitable country", is stated in the tender documents.