Posted: 5 months ago
Author: Nina Gomarteli

Fun Things To Do in Tbilisi During Lockdown

What a year! At first, we thought we would be in a lockdown for two weeks, then two months, so we immediately started working out, watching movies, cooking, sharing tips on social media, but it seemed to never end. We’ve learned how to adapt and do activities under circumstances. 

We’re trying to stay relatively optimistic here at CBW and focus on what fun things we can do before uncertainty and chaos settle down. Some restrictions will be lifted from February 1 in Georgia, which still doesn’t bring us close to our normal life. Georgia remains under tight restrictions as the country navigates its second (or first?!) wave. So, being aware of the rules, let’s take a look at some of the fun activities in the city. 

City Hiking

This beautiful trail connects Turtle Lake to Mtatsminda Park. You can start from either checkpoint, although it’s more fun to get to the lake and descend to the park, then follow the stairs to go back to the city center. This is a great way to get a workout, enjoy gorgeous viewpoints of the city and nature. In winter, there's snow on a trail which makes you feel like you’re far from the city buzz. 

Takeaway Coffee spots 

We all miss going to a cafe, ordering some food or beverages, and enjoy each other’s company. Did you notice there are many coffee spots, especially in the Vake district? This area has become a far more pedestrian-friendly place over the past year, so you can always enjoy a city walk, grab some coffee on the go, warm up by the fire in front of the cafe, and finish your short stroll in Vake Park. 

Wander the parks and gardens of Tbilisi

I know, it’s not sunny or warm enough, but at least the air is fresher. Now is the time to set the goal to visit each park in Tbilisi. Also, this is the best way to see a friend at a safe distance in the open air, catch up and maybe even have a glass of mulled wine to warm up (actually, I’m not sure if it’s legal), maybe some tea then. Here is the list of some of the parks: 

  • Botanical Garden
  • Vera Garden 
  • Mziuri Park 
  • Vake Park 
  • Kikvidze Park 
  • Godziashvili Park 
  • Rike Park 
  • Mushtaidi Park  

Visit an exhibition 

Some galleries are open to a restricted number of guests. You can use this time to explore Georgian art without any distractions. You can check GalleryArtbeat, Life N Style, and others in advance. Many of them also offer online exhibitions. 

Update your Instagram feed

Tbilisi is a great place for photography lovers with its architecture and landmarks. You can fill in your Instagram feed by visiting instagrammable spots in Tbilisi. It will be so much easier to have a little photoshoot without having other tourists ‘’waiting in the line’’. Here are some of the ideas: 

  • View over Narikala Fortress
  • Georgian Hogwarts on Asatiani str. 
  • Historic doorways
  • Street art spots in Sololaki 
  • Chronicles of Georgia 
  • Exterior of Fabrika 

We hope you make the most of the city. Please share your tips in the comments below, what activities help you get through the lockdown.