Posted: 4 months ago

Ecotourism Space in Tsalka to Receive Guests from July

Construction works on the diverse ecotourism space in the protected area of Tsakla are already nearing completion. A visitor center, a restaurant for 120 guests, and an open-air cafe for 250 people are already set up in Tsalka Canyon. 

240-meter zipline bicycle, hotel complex, spa, and swimming pool will be arranged on the territory, and in addition, a horse riding service will also be available on-site.

The total amount of the investment is 120 million GEL, and the project employs 250 locals. Specialists with international experience will arrive to train the locals.

"This place will be a business card not only for Tsalka and this region but for our whole country.", noted Eka Todria, director of Kass Land. 

She also mentioned that the flow of tourists will create new opportunities for local farmers, agricultural workers, or small entrepreneurs to provide their services to hundreds of thousands of tourists and sell their products.

Kass Land started operating in Georgia in 2016 and has employed up to 1000 people so far.