Posted: 1 year ago

"Astana Ballet" will Perform at the Stage of Tbilisi Opera and Ballet Theater for the First Time

The historical stage of the Opera and Ballet Theater named after Tbilisi Zakaria Paliashvili will host the troupe of the capital of Kazakhstan – "Astana Ballet".

Georgian viewers will travel to a wonderful world with this contrast-filled and sophisticated program. The ensemble will perform "Salome" and "A Fuego Lento," two one-act ballets, on the first day, and "Heritage of the Great Steppe," a concert program, on the second.

"This tour is very important for the actors and our theater. We will make our debut with a young troupe on the historical stage of Tbilisi Opera and Ballet. We are obviously very excited and emotional, and we hope that the Georgian audience will welcome us warmly and enjoy the program we present. We tried to make the performances as varied as possible. We believe that we will reach the hearts of the audience and earn their approval. We are currently in the process of preparation and rehearsals, and we will meet you in Tbilisi soon," says Tatiana Teni, leading dancer of the Astana Ballet Theater.

It is noteworthy that ‘’Astana Ballet" is currently one of the leading choreographic ensembles in the Republic of Kazakhstan and has thousands of fans worldwide. The troupe is actively touring and performing both nationally and internationally. Artists have already performed on the most prestigious stages in Beijing and Shanghai (China), Paris (France), Vienna (Austria), Seoul (Korea), Budapest (Hungary), Baku (Azerbaijan), New York (USA), Tokyo (Japan), Warsaw (Poland), Minsk (Belarus), Brussels (Belgium), Milan (Italy), Monte Carlo (Monaco), and Dubai (United Arab Emirates).

"Georgia is a very significant country for us; performing on the famous stage for the first time is a big responsibility, and we want to show the high quality of our ballet skills. We carefully selected our tour poster based on our primary focus—modern and neoclassical ballet—as well as the pride of our repertoire—a national divertissement beloved by both the Kazakh and international audiences. The actors in the troupe of "Astana Ballet" are eagerly waiting to meet the Georgian audience. We wanted to come to Georgia for a long time to introduce the art of "Astana Ballet" to the Georgian audience. This year we got the opportunity to perform on the stage of the Tbilisi Opera and Ballet Theater on November 14–15. We are a young theater; we love experiments and innovations, which always pay off. We hope that the creativity of the artists and the entire team of the theater will remain in the hearts of the Georgian audience for a long time, and we look forward to meeting them. I hope that we will perform for the Georgian audience many more times," said theater director Alexander Sovostianov.

It is important that on the first day, high art connoisseurs will see the neoclassical ballet "A Fuego Lento" by Riccardo Amarante, performed to the music of Schiffrin, Piazzolla, Gardelli, and Kosugi. This is the ballet master's "free flight" of fantasy about love and desire. Each performance of the one-act ballet represents choreographic miniatures with elements of the most temperamental and emotional dance, the tango, in which a special role is given to virtuoso performance technique, real awareness, and true feelings. The only things Tango can't tolerate are hypocrisy and farce, because there is no more reliable "lie detector" of our feelings and emotions than clutching a loved one.

On the same day, in the second part, the audience will see the amazing play "Salome," based on Oscar Wilde's play, set to the music of Fazil Say and choreographed by the theater's chief ballet master, Mukaram Avakhri. The biblical story interpreted by the author will allow you to immerse yourself in the bright world of feelings, and the complex contrasting images of the main characters will allow society to open the veil to the mystery of the human soul. The choreographer asks eternal questions about the struggle between darkness and light but leaves them unanswered and offers everyone the chance to make their own choices. The climax of the play is the dance of the young Salome, an exceptionally popular episode thanks to the artists, sculptors, and composers who captured it in their works.

On the second day, the collective of the Astana Ballet theater will present the national spectacle "Gold of the Great Steppe," staged by the honored figures of Kazakhstan, Tati Aigul and Mukaram Avakhri.  A unique collection of dance miniatures, which harmoniously combines ethnographic material and modern choreography but at the same time preserves the character and originality of the national dance, is invariably included in the theater's tour poster. Aesthetics, spectacle, depth, and unique artistic images reach deep into the soul and captivate audiences around the world.

The tours will be held with the support of the Ministry of Culture and Sports of the Republic of Kazakhstan.