Posted: 4 years ago

Arranging Ski Resort is Planned in Racha


A new ski resort may be arranged in Racha, Ambrolauri municipality.

On the southern slopes of the Chutkharo mountain range in the Ritsula Gorge, which plans to accommodate more than 10 ski lifts, according to the Ambrolauri spatial plan.

As Racha-Lechkhumi Governor Archil Japaridze told "Commersant", French investors also expressed interest in this opportunity. 

“There is a serious prospect for ski tourism development near Chutkharo, on the border of Lentekhi and Ambrolauri. It is 18 km from Ambrolauri, two-thirds of which belong to Lentekhi municipality and the rest to Ambrolauri.

The plan of spatial arrangement fully describes the possibilities of this mountain range.Sending out offers is currently underway, ”said Racha-Lechkhumi Governor Archil Japaridze.