Posted: 2 years ago
Author: Nina Gomarteli

yoUr App Scrollex - Innovative Address Book and Networking Tool Introduced  

As networking is crucial in doing business in many situations, it was time to introduce all-in-one application to the Georgian market. The yoUr App Scrollex combines all the tools that simplify communicating.  CBW conducted an interview with Giorgi Kekelidze, founder of the startup: 

We’ve heard you recently launched a mobile application: yoUr App Scrollex, which is an address book and networking tool. Tell us more about this application; what inspired you to create Scrollex? 

The yoUr app Scrollex is an innovative address book that helps you keep existing contacts by updating your profile information into your contacts’ phones without communicating or bothering them,; while also controlling which contacts to share your updates with.

Hence, with this new concept, you don’t waste your time and energy to save, edit and fill in your contacts’ information! Your contacts are supplying the latest information to you, likewise, you are supplying this by creating a profile in the app..

Furthermore, Scrollex is also a networking tool that will help you to grow business networks by sharing digital business cards in innovative ways.

The inspiration came 5 years ago from a need to change my phone number, while also retaining the contacts list I’ve built over many years. Normally, people are lazy, or too bored to edit your new information into an address book, which eventually leads to losing contacts.

Why is there a need for a new Address Book or Digital Business Card?

I firmly believe that the current address book (the Contacts app) is outdated, and has not changed while the technology advances. For many years, it was used mainly for calling purposes, and no relevant features are added to make it more valuable or more useful. The fact is that we have an 80% empty phonebook, with no information stored other than contacts’ name, phone number and email; the problem is, the way we are used to storing or sharing contact information.

Furthermore, I also think that paper business cards should be history, which is backed by statistics showing that 88% of shared paper business cards are thrown out in the garbage in a week. Hence, the number 1 networking tool, the business card, does not help us to get new contacts.

How does Scrollex simplify networking? Who’s the targeted group? 

The Business Info Card is a digital business card you can create in Scrollex, with no language barrier and in different colors to match your personality and style. In the case of changes in your business card, you can simply update the digital business card, and your contacts will have your recent information, hence you will never lose your contacts, even if you change your job, position, or whatever.

Most importantly, every card has a unique code, like a barcode, named Ur Code, which consists of only 9 digits (e.g. 995 123456). Ur Code helps you to share your business card’s information easily and innovatively. If the Ur Code is printed on a paper business card, it gives you more chances to end up having your shared business card put into your new contact’s phone, and not in the trash.

Additionally, functions such as Radar allows you to share your digital business card with Scrollex users that are around you within 200-meters radius, during conferences or networking events.

Moreover, with built-in filters, you are able to search contacts by job, industry, profession, nationality, or date added in the contacts list.

The target audiences are those that care about having the latest contacts information, care what information contacts possess on them, and do not only want to keep, but also grow their contact network.

What are the main challenges in taking Scrollex to the market?

The main challenge is getting a sufficient user base for the app to provide you with full value. It is a matter of time, but, in order to overcome the challenge and make the app useful, Scrollex has a Web-link function that allows you to send by Messenger, email, text message, etc., a web-based link with your information that can be downloaded directly into the default address book. Most importantly, it can be shared with a non-Scrollex or Android users, even though currently the app is only for iOS users.

What other functions or benefits will it have?

No Advertisements – Scrollex aim is to help you, and never to bother you, hence you will see NO ads on the app.

Scrollex view – A cool design inspired by a paper Rolodex, to view and scroll your contacts’ personal and business information

Unknown Number Detection - When Scrollex user is calling, you will see his/her full name and company information on your screen, to avoid awkward introductions, or to be better prepared for a call

Never Lose Contacts - In case you lose your phone, don’t worry, you won’t lose your precious contacts list

Free to download – The app is free for personal use but if you need a digital business card, you have to subscribe for USD 12.99 annually.

What excites you the most right now, and what do you see as your next step?

I am very excited already, as I launched it 2 weeks ago, after working for 5 years on it. Currently, I am promoting and working on user acquisition.

The next step is to create an Android version, by finding the right investor. After testing the app in Georgia, hopefully, next year Scrollex will be launched in other countries.