Posted: 3 years ago
Author: Nina Gomarteli

Ways to Simplify Event Planning Process Through D.tale App

D.tale is an event planning APP and web platform that simplifies event planning and inventory ordering process. Clients can get advice, assistance and inspiration in one place. CBW had an interview with Elenka Kokhreidze to learn about their tools and how they plan to change traditional event planning. 

When did you discover your passion for event planning and what helped you implement your idea?

Event planning has been the part of our lives from very early stage in life. Some of us (founders) have been involved in the field professionally and some did it just for fun. Even though the process is very hard and requires detailed involvement at each step it brings us sense of joy as each event is dedicated to bringing happiness. In a nutshell event planning is a magical journey that has always been our favorite occupation.

How does D.tale change and simplify the traditional event planning process?

Event planning process is a stressful experience for many as one has to think over food, decoration, entertainment and cleanup at least. All of these overhead thought constraint individuals from enjoying the event itself. This is where D.tale comes handy as it is an event planning web platform and application, which supports individuals in need of celebrating lifetime events. With the easy planning tools and interface customers simplify planning and ordering process; receive consultations; assistance and inspiration in once space. Whereas merchants are granted access to new niche of individual customers.

Traditional event planning requires many human interactions, decision making and involvement in the planning process. In our case we try to avoid all the additional burden and provide smooth experience from start to end.

Tell us about your team and your work process.

Our teams consist of 6 people with diverse experiences: Event planners; business development lead; developer and UX designer. All of our knowledge and strength is dedicate to challenge the idea, develop best flows and provide crucial features to customers. We believe that D.tale will make many people happy and devote ourselves to roll out as feasible product on the market as possible. We’ve conducted many customer researches over the period and shifted the processes to more customer centric approach – We develop what we hear from our future customers, this is our driving force motto.

D.tale offers quite diverse services. Is there a direction you put the most focus on?

We don’t want to limit our customers in choice, thus will cover all types of lifetime events with all crucial services. The process is beneficial not only for customers but merchants as well as D.tale is becoming a marketplace where they meet each other and exchange services and resources. At an initial stage we will hit the market with basic features and develop more comprehensive tools on the go. We need to hear the voice of our customers to lead us in a correct direction.

Georgian event scene has changed dramatically over the past few years. What are the most remarkable innovations in this field?

Event planning has been the vast developing field in Georgia lately where lots of interesting players have evolved and showcased their abilities to plan major big events. But unfortunately Covid-19 has hit event planning industry dramatically and everyone’s mindsets had to be adapted to a digital era where there is no human interaction and events are conducted in front of our computer screens. This shift we see not only in Georgia but in the world and digitalization has become the driving force to survive. The adaptation to new normal is forming new boundaries for the industry and we see changes in customer and merchant behaviors which forces changes to event planners. This is why we started thinking of the web-platform (APP) development.

What is the current stage of development for the platform and what’s ahead of you?

We are in the process of finalizing MVP; soon we will kick off our blog where we will give ideas and recommendations to our customers; finalizing our décor e-com shop and preparing to roll out on the market in the near future. So stay tuned.