Posted: 3 weeks ago

Tene Soon Introduces Bottle Recycling Machines to Tbilisi

Bottle recycling machines will appear in Tbilisi in 3 months. The author of the project is the USB cable manufacturing company "Tene".

Sandro Liluashvili, the founder of "Tene" told "Business Partner", the devices will be a kind of ATM of the plastic and tin can processing plant, from which citizens will have the opportunity to receive virtual money at the initial stage, and then real money.

"Used bottles and tin cans will be exchanged for money. The user will be identified by phone number, and with a specially assigned QR code, points will be accumulated, which can be used in the form of receiving discounts on products in various partner stores of "Tene", Liluashvili said.

Shopping malls, fairs and various crowded places are considered as probable locations. At the initial stage, "Tene: plans to manufacture and install 3 devices.

The Georgian technological company Edison Tech provides the assembly of bottle recycling devices.

As Liluashvili explains, the selling price of 1 device will be around 20,000 GEL.

"Similar devices are produced all over the world, however, they have a rather high cost. In Tbilisi, on the initiative of the local municipality, it was planned to install similar devices, however, this project has not been implemented so far. 1 machine costs 30,000 euros, and we can sell it for 20,000 GEL," said Liluashvili.

Bottle recycling machine project was to be implemented in 2018 in Tbilisi, within the framework of "Your Idea for the City Mayor". At that time, Kukuri Baramidze was the author of the project.

Such devices have been widespread in European countries for many years.