Posted: 3 years ago

Silk Scarves with Individual Passport - Startup Tuta is Preparing to Export

Georgian startup "Tuta" starts selling 100% natural silk products.

"Tuta" is one of the winners of "Startup Georgia", which offers its customers silk products made with innovative technology. Tuta is the first business in the South Caucasus in this direction. The works are limited and each of them has an individual passport.

The price of silk scarves in the market ranges from 90 to 360 GEL. At this stage, 4 Georgian artists are involved in the project.

With its establishment in the local market, the company will export the products to export markets. According to the authors of the project, the products are ready to compete with international brands.

According to Maka Tabatadze, one of the founders of "Tuta", high-grade silk is used for scarves, which is handmade. According to her, "Tuta" meets international standards and creates expensive products.

"Silk is not printed anywhere in the South Caucasus. At the moment we are negotiating with several countries, one of which is Armenia, and we plan to export the products," - explains Maka Tabatadze.

Startup Georgia financed the silk scarf business with 99,000 GEL. "Within the framework of the project, it became possible to employ 7 people and create an additional source of income for artists," said Giorgi Lomidze, director of Startup Georgia.