Posted: 5 years ago
Author: Nina Gomarteli

Future of Georgian Fashion – Finding Inspiration in Traditional Features

When looking back grandparents’ photo albums, I always wonder where did this unique fashion go? Why create something new when we already hold such formula?- But the answer is easy, it’s inconvenient and impossible to get around with it in our fast-paced lives. Although it’s all about finding a sharp solution, Megi Bezhanishvili restored traditional elements in a way that fits the contemporary lifestyle.

CBW had an interview with a founder of MEGI, Megi Bezhanishvili: 

How did you come up with the idea, which factor helped you to implement and develop your startup?

I’m not a modeler by profession, I graduated from ESM Business School. I was employed at various companies back then as a Manager and finally founded my own Advertising Company. I was always into sewing, one fine day, I decided to drastically change my occupation and start doing what I’ve always enjoyed. It took me years to research Georgian clothing, meanwhile, my relative offered me a business idea related to that, and I took a chance implicitly. I called all the advertising company’s clients and redirected to other companies. We divided our work, I took a charge in a production process, while she took care of administrative issues. We presented the first line after one month of hard work.

We see traditional elements in your clothing line, what is your source of inspiration?

Georgian traditional clothes are distinguished with elegance and simplicity. I try to get these motives back to daily life. General lifestyle has changed and it requires clothes to adapt so that it’s more than a museum exhibit or holiday costume.

How did public react to the appearance of your brand and who is your target group?

People’s feedback was quite positive. The main Georgian features were accepted positively, as it’s relatable. Many people thanked me in personal messages for presenting their region’s characteristic elements in a nice way. It’s a great motivation for me, meaning I took the right direction and didn’t spoil the philosophy of different regions.

Nevertheless the fact it went viral in a social network, expressing approval, they stayed passive in terms of sale for the first few months. Clothing trade is not for those who want to get rich rapidly. Especially, when you produce specific, non-massive and slightly distinguished clothes. However, sales grow geometrically after the first customer, each customer brings at least three new one. Now the demand increased so much that I need to delay some orders, especially in the last few months. Sadly there was a negative side of this growth, in terms of management. If I worked alone before, now it’s six of us, trying to organize chaos together.

Meanwhile, the audience has been identified, for whom it’s interesting for me to work. This is middle and high-level class people at the position of manager, who blindly trust me in everything. I’ve experienced the rhythm of their lives from previous work so that I can define which clothes will fit in their lifestyle.

What material and technology do you use to create your product?

I use only 100% natural fabrics, strictly control the composition. No matter what kind of design I create, if the fabric is not the highest quality, it makes no sense.

All the details of the processing are given a lot of attention. The beauty of the clothing is in professionally developed detail. I am lucky to find professional tailors, who work hard towards perfection, and I can see pride and pleasure in their eyes for the flawless outcome.

We have both a hand and a sewing machine embroidery service. Old Georgian embroidery is characterized by a high technological level. This has led to the fact that we love championship in everything. In earlier women it was a very common work, everybody would try to create something one of a kind. All old embroidery is unique and Georgian embroidery has a high price overseas.

Where can customers reach you to buy your product?

Our showroom is located on 95 Lvovi st. Although, we have a surprise for our customers in the nearest future.

What excites you most right now and what do you see as your next step?

I’m all about composing currently, it’s hard for me to find time for something else. I don’t have a certain plan, as events develop spontaneously. I don’t thrive to establish a large organization, as I always felt more comfortable in smaller companies, where there is no intrigue, everyone’s equal and it’s easy to maintain the family-like environment.