Posted: 4 years ago

David Mizandari's Creates Reusable, Viral Infection Protection Electro Mask

The first prototype of a resulable, viral infection protection viral mask was produced within 48 hours using a 3D printer. 

At the moment, it only works with a filter and UV sterilizer, the rest is on its way, and the author hopes to finish it as the first proof-of-concept.

The author of the idea is David Mizandaria - co-founder of, co-founder of the first 3D pitcher, former Geocell business development manager, chief developer of US medical company Soundhealthinc. By profession, he is an energy professional.

After testing the prototype and making sure the power cord really works, the next step is to implement it. If the state expresses interest, David Mizandari is fully ready to support and suggests that the installation of electronics in the state military scientific-technical center "Delta" will soon be possible. In other cases, Crowdfunding seems to be an option.

In addition, as David Mizandari says, such modules can be manufactured in separate units in hospitals in order to protect the patient from contacting some infection.

David Mizandari: I have linked several methods of air filtration / sterilization that have long been used in practice and in various equipment, including: HEPA filter, air ionizer and ultraviolet light.

The mask has several barriers to protection against viruses. In the end, we get 99.9% pure air. The mask has a battery that will allow it to operate for 8-12 hours with a single charge.

For those with respiratory failure or needing more air during physical activity, the mask has the BOOST AIR-ON function, which automatically transmits the airflow through a breathing rhythm.

The mask can be cleaned with a wet or soft cloth, easily changing the hepa filter.