Posted: 4 months ago

CNICK Entered the Australian and New Zealand Markets

Innovative startup CNICK, created a few years ago by Georgian students Koba Tsertsvadze, Davit Kvitsiani and Giorgi Mikatsadze, has entered the Australian and New Zealand markets.

CNICK is the first Georgian high-tech consumer product that helps people perform daily financial or other transactions. The company creates smart rings that has several functions at once, including: contactless payments instead of credit cards, opening a Tesla car, and more.

CNICK has been active in the international market for more than 2 years and today has sales in up to 20 countries besides New Zealand and Australia and includes the following major markets: USA, Canada, Korea, Taiwan, China and 11 European countries. It can be used to pay anywhere in the world where MasterCard operates.

The startup entered the Australian and New Zealand markets with a car key version and established a local representative office in Australia. The co-founder says that the interest in CNICK's product was quite high from the local population, which is why he entered the market.

"It is also interesting that the ring is made of biodegradable and recycled materials, which suits the tastes and trends of modern consumers. In addition, the Cnick ring design is a unique and distinctive design, which leads to customer satisfaction and makes the application process more enjoyable.

"In the future, we want to add payment functionality to the US market and also release an improved version of the ring,"said the founders at Entrepreneur.