Posted: 2 months ago

Biliki.AI Unveils AI-Powered Eco-Conscious Travel Platform

The team behind the Georgian text startup Biliki App has debuted Biliki.AI, the world's first AI-driven platform dedicated to sustainable travel, now in beta testing. The innovative platform was introduced to the public during the International Tourism Festival "Tourism 2023."

This eco-conscious travel guide is entirely free to use and will soon undergo rebranding before its full public launch. With Biliki.AI, travelers can effortlessly plan trips across the globe. Users simply input their destination, budget, and travel duration, and within 30 seconds, Biliki.AI crafts an eco-friendly itinerary. Previously, such travel planning could take upwards of 30 hours.

Biliki.AI evaluates the environmental impact of trips, providing users with a carbon footprint calculator to see potential savings compared to traditional itineraries. The platform prioritizes eco-friendly lodging and offers recommendations for attractions and dining, all accessible via Google Maps.

Diverging from the common use of ChatGPT for product development, Biliki.AI has partnered with the Google Cloud for Startups Program, leveraging the comprehensive technology available in the Google cloud environment. This collaboration has been instrumental in creating personalized experiences for users, and the team extends their gratitude to Google for this capability. Additionally, a partnership with's affiliate program allows Biliki.AI to suggest sustainable hotels matched to users' trips.

Soon, the Leaf bot, an AI-driven eco-friendly travel assistant, will enhance the platform, making planning more interactive and enjoyable, along with an AI-based audio guide and the option to book flights. Biliki.AI also plans to feature event recommendations based on users' routes and integrate with TripAdvisor for access to new experiences.

With a vision rooted in eco-friendly, sustainable, and personalized travel, Biliki.AI is poised to transform the travel industry and contribute to the protection of our planet.