Posted: 2 months ago
Author: Nina Gomarteli

Ambry on Developing Universal AI Securing Crypto World

Photo: Impact Hub Tbilisi

Ambry Solutions has created a platform for financial sectors, crypto platforms, and any individual who wants to safely navigate in the crypto space.

Upon users' request, Ambry can scan any crypto address, showcasing all the incoming and outgoing transactions, rating their risk level, and giving a user overall statistics of how safe the given crypto address is.

Creating Ambry solutions was timely in the wake of current events. We asked Luka Lomsadze, co-founder of Ambry when they felt the urgency to provide the solution: 

''My partners and I have been cruising around in the crypto world for a long time already. Besides the fact that crypto & blockchain is something that is truly revolutionizing not only the financial sector but the whole world, it also always had a “dark side” as well for some people.

We heard tons of stories when people have transferred their cryptos to the addresses, which have appeared to be just fraudulent and scam wallets – Which led them to completely lose their funds.

Besides regular individuals struggling with that, we’ve also been seeing that crypto exchange/trading platforms have had an issue keeping a track of their userbase activities, to make sure that they are not involved in any kind of illegal or fraudulent activities. After seeing enough, we’ve decided to create a platform that will not only help us out to improve OUR crypto journey but will also help out the whole industry and remove that “dirt” from the name of the crypto world,'' said Luka Lomsadze in the conversation with CBW. 

Luka explained that Ambry has another important feature besides crypto addresses. Users can also scan crypto transactions and check the whole path of the transfer – showing where did it come from and where did it go – this is especially useful for financial sectors who want to check the income source of their users, who are getting funds from crypto trading or crypto mining.

The startup is currently participating in Impact Hub Tbilisi's pre-acceleration program: 

''Impact hub is truly one of the greatest spaces for startups to analyze their startup ideas, improve them, and most importantly get lots of interesting connections, who will help them out in their future steps,'' said Luka Lomsadze. 

Ambry Solutions already has the system and backend all structured and working 100%. At this moment, the startup is working on redesigning its platform, to make it more user-friendly and launch it on a full scale.