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Posted: 5 years ago

Merab Bolkvadze: Several Khrushchovkas Fell down in Tbilisi and Residents Remain in Heavy Condition

Over the past period urbanists and developers frequently talk about the necessity of replacing Khrushchovka residential buildings. The situation worsens in a lot of such residential quarters in the course of time.

Urbanist Merab Bolkvadze, representative of City Institute Georgia asserts that it is desirable to develop new designs and replace obsolete buildings on the territories, where Khrushchovkas are concentrated. .

The quantity of Khrushchovkas exceeded 500 ones in Tbilisi. Naturally, these buildings have their terms of service and in the course of time their physical wear starts. For example, in Varketili Massive III several buildings collapsed and residents remain in heavy condition. Residents must be taken out of the crumbling buildings. These territories need new projects and reconstruction works to develop new residential areas.

According to my information, Tbilisi City Hall is developing a design for replacing Khrushchovkas. The situation requires quick reaction and I expect the municipality to prepare the regulatory plan too.

“It is desirable to develop new designs for the territory with concentrated Khrushchovkas, however, cautious steps should be taken even in this case. The spaces, where Khrushchovkas are concentrated are wonderful for residential purposes. The new projects should be free of compact settlements, otherwise the residential environment will be damaged”, Merab Bolkvadze noted.