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Posted: 4 months ago

General Director of m²: We are Building the First Skyscraper in Tbilisi

m² is building the first skyscraper on Marshal Gelovani Avenue in Tbilisi. The general director of the company, Nikoloz Medzmariashvili, announced this in the "Forbes week" program. According to him, this will be the first skyscraper in the history of the company, where up to 500 apartments will be located.

"At the end of December, we successfully started sales, however, this project is part of the current year's strategy. Nevertheless, more than 10% of the apartments have already been sold. It is a three-year project, but the demand is great. The volume is up to 500 apartments. There will be two skyscrapers. It is important that we have never built a building higher than 100 meters, and this one will be 128 meters high. There will be several more buildings in the same area," said Nikoloz Medzmariashvili.

According to the general director of m², in total, the company is currently building 700,000 square meters, which includes 40 buildings in four locations.

"With the ongoing projects, we will have up to 7,000 new residents, which means that we are doubling the existing numbers," he added.