Posted: 8 months ago

Meeting of Local Exporter and Export-oriented Companies Holds Today

Export Development Association (EDA), financed by Agri-cultural program, implements project Crop2Shop, which implies examining problematics and challenges of exporters, raising their qualification and offering alternatives for precluding challenges. Also, they suggested creating a web-page for export-oriented companies.

The companies will receive fulfilled information about export procedures, technical depictions, export markets, and other interesting issues. The web-page will become practical guide for companies and will simplify receiving information on export. 

Export Development Association plans to hold approximately 15 meetings in Tbilisi and other regions, where they will survey the needs of export-oriented companies. The meetings aim to identify problems and challenges in this field, which are presented as an impede in the export. The association will implement the communicating process of problem-solving alternatives.

Also, the meetings will promote to create a maximally flexible web-page, on which every step necessary for exporting will be analyzed in detail. It will simplify product realization of companies or farmers on an international market.

The experts of Export Development Association will discuss the matters of regulations and requirements, which nowadays exist on international markets. 

Agricultural program of USAID aims to encourage development of agricultural fields, which have the potential of creating new workplaces and increasing MSME incomes. 
EDA (Export Development Association) helps Georgian entrepreneurs in increasing export potential, planning export marketing, examining the market since 2012. Moreover, it promotes producing and developing competitive service.