Posted: 3 years ago

GCA to Host 20 Years for Art Event

Georgian Copyright Association (GCA) is a collective management organization was created by authors and neighboring rights holders. GCA has been functioning since 1999. On 11 July, GCA hosts the event named "20 Years of Art", which will take place in Mediathek, Vake Park.
Georgian Copyright Association is celebrating 20 years anniversary with the event and offers attendees the LIVE set with Nikakoi & Tusia Beridze on 21:00. After this, the presentation of the album "Red repressions - 20 Georgian Artist" will be given on 20:00. On 19:00 Nikakoi and Tusia Beridze will discuss the matters of Georgian woman in the field of electronic-acoustic music. Sandro Kancheli will examine the universe of the music industry and creator(music publishing and record labels role in the music industry).
Attending is free.