Posted: 1 month ago

Business Innovation Utilizing AI/IoT - Japanese Webinar Holds in Georgia

The Japanese Management Center – GAAS (Official Representative of AOTS in Georgia) holds webinar for Georgian citizens on "Business Innovation Utilizing AI/IoT. The event is led by AI/IoT associates director, professor Mitsuru Abe.

Participants will discuss the matters of:
  • Improvement of Business and creating a new business using the technology of AI/IoT;
  • Examples of midsized businesses utilizing AI/IoT;
  • General aspects of implementing AI/IoT technologies.
Webinar will be held online, during 11:30-16:30 using Webex online platform. The event is implemented within the subsidy from the Japanese Government and sponsored by South Asia Federation of AOTS Alumni Societies (SAFAAS), African Federation of AOTS Alumni Societies (AFAAS), and European Federation of AOTS Alumni Societies (EFAAS).
The webinar is intended for the Company Owners & Executives, Middle and Upper Level Managers/Supervisors residing in developing countries in South Asia, Central Asia, Middle East, Europe, and Africa (20 years old and over).
The number of participans is limited and only 50 people can attend the meeting. 
The webinars will be held free of charge, in Japanese Language with consecutive English translation.