Posted: 1 year ago

Policy that Georgia should Follow regarding HPPs – Austrian Ambassador Answers

In his interview for the Forbes Week, Ambassador of Austria in Georgia Arad Benko talks about power sector challenges and their resolution mechanisms in Georgia

-We have a a lot of exmaples of collisions and conflicts regarding hydro power plants, including Nenskra HPP and Khadori HPP. Moreover, investors have spent millions of USD and their problems only grow. What messages do similar investor receive? On the one hand, you invite them to the country, on the other hand, we cannot ensure safe and peaceful environment. What is the golden mean?

“water is natural resource. Therefore, certain policy is necessary in this respect. Government and companies should work jointly in terms of social involvement. The Government should listen to its people, local residents and work on their persuasion. The main thing is that these people should become the process participants. We carried out similar measures in Austria and decentralization has brought real results. If people think that everything is decided in Tbilisi, naturally, the Authorities will always face resistance. Decentralization is necessary and the role of regions should strengthen”.