Posted: 1 year ago

Microsoft Helps Transform Education System in Georgia

The Georgian Ministry of Education, Science, Culture and Sports has signed an Education Transformation Agreement with Microsoft. This confirmed the strategic partnership in the process of Digital Transformation between the two sides.

Top experts from both sides thoroughly determined the needs of Georgian Educational System within the Education Transformation Framework. The Framework is built upon four foundational pillars and is the result of decades of research, backed up by real evidence. It focuses on Leadership & Policy, Modern Teaching & Learning, Technology Blueprint and Intelligent Environments. Long-term cooperation through series of educational efforts delivered a solid foundation for further implementation of the program. After several meetings, discussions, panels and workshops, the agreement has been signed. It will help the educational system keep up with the highest standards and leading trends worldwide.

The “New School Model” initiative will introduce an up-to-date teaching model in K12 education. It will shift the methodology from traditional to practical. Fifty special teacher support teams of Technology, Curriculum and Leadership experts were formed by the Ministry to help the implementation of the program to individual schools.

Microsoft has launched a Teacher Internship Program that will solidify the Education Transformation Agreement and provide valuable knowledge and skills via workshops, consultations, training courses and monitoring.