Posted: 1 year ago

Georgian Clinics Mandated to Upload Patient Data to Electronic Health Record System

All inpatient and outpatient medical facilities operating at their physical addresses in Georgia are now required to upload all patient health status information to the Electronic Health Record (EHR) system, according to a new order from the Minister of Health. The order also mandates that medical institutions reflect data on expenses related to medical events in the EHR system's calculation module.

Emergency service providers, village doctors, and family doctors are exempt from this order, which is now in force. Until July 31, medical institutions will not be subject to quality control or supervisory measures, nor will they face sanctions for incomplete data upload.

The EHR system, which is the digital repository of patient health data, was launched by the Ministry of Health in January 2019. The purpose of this system is to systematize and simplify the relationship between clinics and the state, as patient information and financial documentation were previously uploaded as files.

According to Archil Kapanadze, one of the founders of the hospital management system "Medsoft," the EHR system has not been functioning fully, as there are no sanctions for incomplete data upload. However, the Ministry of Health has started taking steps to modify the system and make payments electronically through a centralized system.

The EHR system is expected to contribute to the development of electronic healthcare in Georgia, and it is required for clinics involved in universal healthcare. For the private sector, patient information will only be sent to the EHR system if the patient consents. The implementation of this system is a significant step towards improving the quality and accessibility of healthcare in Georgia.