Posted: 4 years ago

Economy Minister Explains Why Abastumani is Separated from Iliauni

According to the government resolution N475, the independent research astrophysical observatory will be separated from Ilia State University and the observatory will be transformed into independent legal entity of public law.

The state control over the observatory will be carried out by the Ministry.

Under the document signed by the Prime Minister, Evgeni Kharadze Astrophysics Observatory will be separated form Iliauni on November 24, 2019.

Abastumani Observatory is on the state balance and it was transmitted to Iliuni in 2007.

Economy Minister Natia Turnava noted that the reforms aim to strengthen the mentioned research center.

“The small government concept is our key priority, but there are exceptions too. Our Abastumani Observatory is a special research center in Georgia, South Caucasus and in the world.

There are only several unique research and education centers with such huge history and this center needs special attention.

Our state budget for 2020 makes focus on strengthening education and science directions. Therefore, we will also enhance this research center. This is our key objective”, Natia Turnava said.